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Rank Online Casino Bonus Payout USA? Download Rating Review
1 Millionaire Casino 100% up to $500 98.5 Yes Download 9.8 Read Review
2 Online Vegas Casino 100% up to $500 98.5 Yes Download 9.8 Read Review
3 Rushmore Casino 100% up to $400 98.5 Yes Download 9.8 Read Review
4 Rome Casino 100% up to $1000 98.5 Yes Download 9.8 Read Review
Beginner’s Guide to Casino Bonuses Leads Your Way to Bigger Amount of Winnings

Since online casino does not have any geographic restrictions as land based casinos have, they have no ways to prevent the players to their account from one casino to another. Thus, online casino should create ways on how to attract players enter their site. And the most effective way is to offer the player different noncash and cash reward which is known as cash bonuses. Some cash bonuses allow you to make your cash into double of its amount. Some bonus offers different kinds of rewards like free play to a certain game. The bonuses vary according to the rewards they offer.

First Strategy: Receive Sign-up Bonus

Sign-up of bonus is one of the kinds of bonuses being offered by different casinos. This bonus gives you amount of money as soon as you created an account on their site. It can make your first deposit doubles, or you are given the chance to play without risking your money at all. Few options are given to the player after receiving the bonus. It is either to use your free money on a table game or slot machine and win a progressive jackpot or you can use the money to play other games like Millionaire Genie. Therefore, you have to choose your game rightly that will increase your total winnings.

Second Strategy: Keeping the Bonus Money

The second strategy for a gambling game is to be patient. This strategy aims in taking advantage of the bonuses offered by the casino. The aim is not to win vast amount, but instead to meet the requirements of pocketing and wagering of all the bonus money. This only means that you are only losing an amount of not greater than a single cent for every dollar wagered over a long duration of time.

Free Cash to Play

No deposit bonus is offered by many casinos. This is free money given to the new customers that allow them to play without risking their own money. The no deposit bonus is much smaller than the sign-up bonuses. However, this is an excellent way to attract people to try you online casino games without worrying of their money.

Free play bonuses are not similar with the no deposit bonuses. A certain amount of money is given to the players to use in playing. Players are given one hour to win as much money as he can, but only up to a certain limit. If the hour is finished, whatever the player wins will be placed under his account. To be familiar with the different games offered in the casino, this is one best way to undertake. Also, it offers fun to the player having no worries of losing any amount of their cash.

If the player maintains the bonus money, it will be termed “cashable”. However, non-cashable bonus is money that the casino offers the player to use in playing and with that the player is not allowed to withdraw any of that amounts. Therefore, it makes the cashable bonuses more valuable compared to the non-cashable bonuses even though it only offers smaller amount.