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Types of Roulette Wheels

Roulette is your ultimate game of chance. But there are in fact two different wheels to play on, which, some think, give you less or more chances of winning depending on what wheel you are playing.

The two types of wheel are the American Roulette wheel and the European Roulette wheel. In most casinos you will only find one sort of roulette wheel, it is rare that you will get other options. However, in almost all online casinos you will always have a choice of which roulette wheel you would like to play on. They are able to offer this as it is just graphics, whereas in land based casinos you would have to have a load of different wheels, which would cost more and create less space.

The original roulette wheel had thirty-six numbers only. Then a Frenchman called Louis Blanc added one more pocket to the wheel. He added a zero to the roulette wheel that massively increased the casino odds to about 2.7%.

This form of wheel was used widely throughout Europe and quickly became the norm. However, when the wheel ventured across the seas to America the wheel was due for a change again.

Louis Blanc’s wheel was tweaked by American casino operators. They added another zero to the wheel, and by doing this they increased the casino odds to 5.4%! This revelation meant that this form of wheel was slightly more popular, especially in America. But now it seems that the European wheel is back on top!
People love the excitement of playing on roulette and obviously the chance of it. No one knows what will happen, and it is almost impossible to cheat at it. That is why this game is so popular, regardless of what wheel you are playing on. It is fun, and for that reason it will live a long and fulfilling life. The best casino destination for online casino lovers. Play your favorite games and win exciting bonus everyday.