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Re-Live Olympic Glory with the Medal Tally Video Slots

Do you have dreams of Gold? Did you watch the Olympics daily, and follow all of your favorite Athletes on Twitter and Facebook? Well the Medal Tally Video Slots is the perfect game to scratch that Olympic itch left behind by the games, and while you can always watch re-caps, Medal Tally lets you try and capture your own little bit of gold and glory. Or, if not that, you at least have a chance to win a bit of extra cash. Plus it does not require years and years of hard training.

Test your Reflexes

Medal Tally was built with five reels, and has the option of stopping any of the reels at any time. That means that if you see the symbol that you need, you can try and rely on some of that Olympic-level skill to stop the reel and get exactly what you need, when you need it. Of course you can also just keep letting them go and hope that it lands on what you need, but that isn’t quite as sporting! It is just up to you to figure out what you like best, and to decide whether or not you have the skill to make using the stop feature worth it.

Win the Medal Tally Video Slot Fixed or Progressive Jackpot!

Medal Tally Video Slots offers player two, separate jackpot – the standard fixed pot, and the progressive jackpot that has money added to it the more players spend on the game. So as long as you are not the only one shooting for Olympic Gold, you can expect that one of the jackpots will continue to get money added to it. And that means more money for you as long as you are willing to play.

Win Money while Watching Those Re-Caps

Of course, if you would rather spend your time looking at the outstanding US Women’s Gymnastics Team sweep Gold over and over and over again on YouTube, you can click on Auto-Play and make money while browsing videos. Auto play can be set to stop when you win or lose a certain amount of money, or after a certain amount of spins. So just set it up how you like, click over to a new tab, and watch whatever you want – Medal Tally will win you money whether you are watching it or not. Even though the athletes need your support, Medal Tally does not.

Medal Tally Video Slots offers Olympics fans everything they would want in a video slot machine. A chance to test their reflexes, an awesome, enjoyable theme, and the option to let it run so you can click away and re-watch all of the best parts of the Summer 2012 games. Even if you’ll never find yourself competing in some foreign land, representing your country as one of the best athletes they have to offer, you can still grasp for a little bit of that Gold, and have a bit of fun, with Medal Tally Video Slots.